Discover Reggio

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Reggio Calabria is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, between the sea and the mountains. To the west it overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, and to the south and east is the Ionian Sea. The city stretches for 23km along the eastern shores of the Strait of Messina and climbs along the slopes of the Aspromonte mountains, rising up 1708 meters to Mount Basilicò. It is only 3.2 kilometers from Sicily.
It is a fertile area thanks to the mild climate and abundance of water, where they cultivate olive crops, grapevines and citrus fruit, specifically bergamot, a citrus plant that grows exclusively along the coastal strip running from Reggio to Gioiosa Ionica. A unique and bright city whose architectural, artistic, cultural and environmental treasures make it one of the most interesting places in the south.